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Mazda Genuine Service

Regular servicing is the key to the long-term performance, efficiency and safety of your Mazda. Keeping the Zoom-Zoom factor at its peak is made easy, convenient and worry-free through Mazda Genuine Service. 

Mazda servicing ensures your vehicle is in safe hands with our Mazda Service Technicians. Our facilities are set up to provide the best possible protection of your valuable investment, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Mazda Genuine Service.

To view the pricing for your next Mazda scheduled maintenance based on VIN or registration number, please use our Service Price Calculator

Genuine Mazda Parts

Genuine Mazda parts are manufactured to our original design and specifications and are certified to meet the highest standards. Almost all Genuine Mazda Parts come with a 'Whole of Life' Warranty, provided they’re fitted by an authorised Mazda Service Centre.

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Mazda Service Technicians are factory trained to our national standards, so you can be sure they have the expertise to know your Mazda inside out. 

Health check

Mazda's feature the latest technology to deliver leading performance, drivability, efficiency and safety. The Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS) is the only system designed to electronically check all the vital functions of your Mazda under real driving conditions, for the most accurate analysis of its performance. 

Peace of mind

Servicing your Mazda as per the Mazda Maintenance Program at an authorised Mazda Service Centre gives you the peace of mind knowing that the maintenance or repair is performed as Mazda intended. It also helps to maintain the future value of your Mazda. 

Software updates

As required, our Mazda Service Technicians will update the software in your vehicle to keep it performing at its peak. It's a unique advantage of Mazda Genuine Service.

National network

Mazda has a national network of service locations across Australia. No matter which state you find yourself in, there is a Mazda Service Dealer to look after you.

Mazda Genuine Service